Today I want to talk about traveling with your CPAP equipment.



I just returned from a short 2-day staycation.  If you have read the page on my personal experience with CPAP, you know that it goes with me whenever I travel.    Here is the carrying case my CPAP machine came in.


Carrying Case

It holds everything you see in the next picture.

All of this fits in that case, the CPAP machine with humidifier, the power cord, an extension cord  (a must when traveling as there may not be an electrical outlet close enough to be used).  Also the mask, the hose and an extra frame with headgear,  just in case.


I carry that extension cord as I did visit a hotel here in Las Vegas and all the electrical outlets near the bed were behind the headboard and I had to have their maintenance department come and loosen the headboard to plug in my machine.  Since then that extension cord is always in the carrying case. The extension cord is 15′ and has to this day been long enough.


distilled water

What you do not see is distilled water  or Vinegar


.   This trip was only 2 days, so I did not use either.  When I got home I immediately washed the mask and then after drying put it in my SoCLean 2 machine to sterilize.   A trip of any longer and I would have stopped and bought both distilled water and vinegar to use.  If you travel a lot I would recommend purchasing both distilled water and vinegar when you reach your destination.  These items are not expensive.   Upon leaving I just dump the remaining water and vinegar down the drain and leave the empty containers.


Some kind of tape may be good to travel with in case something happens to the hose, as without the hose you have nothing.  I guess you could always buy this item if needed.


Let me know what your experience with CPAP is when traveling.



Chip Shapiro

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