The parts of a CPAP mask.

Most masks consist of the frame itself, the cushion, headgear and headgear clips. Some may also come with an intermediate hose that fits the frame and attaches to your CPAP machine hose. The frame also has a valve that allows your exhaled air out of the mask, usually, this is part of the frame and can be bought separately for some frames. This valve will also have a swivel so the hose can move freely while you move in your sleep.

The first 3 pictures parts are from the Phillips Respironics Amara View which is the mask I currently use.  Other masks may have additional replacement parts available.


In most cases the frame

Amara View cushion, Elbow connector

Amara View Frame

would not need to be replaced under normal circumstances. This is not saying it never needs to be replaced, it could get damages somehow accidentally which would require replacement. There may also be some masks that do not separate the cushion from the frame as it is all one piece.


The cushion


This is the replacement cushion for the Amara View Mask.

and the headgear


This is the headgear for the Amara View Mask

are what need to be replaced the most. The cushion wears out and no longer seals very well and should be replaced. I read where they said a small leak is OK, but if you are a CPAP user I think you will agree that any leak in annoying and makes it difficult to sleep.  They do make ‘seals’ that can be used between the mask and your face.  Personally I have never used those so I can not say if they are good or bad.


The headgear which is adjustable is cloth with Velcro to make the adjustments and does wear out requiring replacement.


Masks have cushions that fit over your nose and or mouth and also another cushion that rests on your forehead


This is the Phillips Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask – Cushion

on some full face masks like this one pictured. Here is the frame and headgear

Comfort Gel mask frame

This is the Comfort Gel Full Face Mask frame

for this cushion which also rests on your forehead for stability.


The hose from the mask to the machine will probably last a while and I have never really read where it needs to be replaced, although I do see recommendations.  I replace mine 3-4 times a year. You can get a deal on hoses if you buy in quantity.    I am not talking about buying 100’s of hoses. I am sure a CPAP supply company will tell you differently.


Another part that could break are the clips

Amara View Mask Clips

These are Amara View Mask- Clips

that hold the headgear to the mask frame. These are plastic and over time can break. Always nice to have an extra set on hand. These will NEVER break at a good time.  Without clips, there is NO CPAP THERAPY.


Feel free to comment on any of the statements if you agree or disagree.


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